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Ikigai Brings Domain Agnostic Model Training to Your Dataset

With Ikigai, you can: 
  • Deploy AI apps with low code or no code

  • Find probabilistic relationships and fill in blanks across data sets

  • Best-in-class time series forecasting, demand planning, and more —even with sparse, limited data

  • Analyze all scenarios and trade-offs for optimal decisions - with your EiTL (Expert in the loop)
  • Built on patented large graphical models (LGMs)

Connect Your Data

Connect your data with Ikigai - Google sheets, Excel, PDFs, Dropbox, Snowflake, LinkedIn, Bing ads, AWS, Plaid, Adobe, etc.
Simply upload your spreadsheets or sync your data in real time using our 100+ pre-built connectors. You won’t need SQL skills or any help from IT.

Prep Data with DeepMatch

Prep data with DeepMatch
Easily stitch together the most disparate datasets in minutes without any data pre-processing and thanks to the expert in the loop (EiTL) feature, your match rates only improve with time or keep improving with time.

Build Models with autoML & DeepCast

Build Models with autoML and DeepCast
Run advanced analysis powered
by AI within clicks. Find and build the most appropriate model, including Ikigai’s proprietary DeepCast technology that accounts for short-term demand fluctuations with limited historical data.

Find the Best Decisions with DeepPlan

Find the best decisions with DeepPlan
Achieve your business goals with the help of Ikigai’s patented aiPlan. Powered by reinforcement learning AI, aiPlan compares thousands of possible scenarios and recommends the most optimal ones.

Take Actions

Connect your data with Ikigai - Google sheets, Excel, PDFs, Dropbox, Snowflake, LinkedIn, Bing ads, AWS, Plaid, etc.
Take operational actions directly from your AI application. Enable “expert in the loop” to improve and optimize models based on your actions and feedback

The Value Ikigai Delivers to Clients

No ML engineers, Data engineers or IT resources required

Models trained on-demand

on enterprise data
More accurate forecasting with DeepCast

Self-service AI

backed by online training
Cost reduction with DeepPlan

200+ data connectors

out of the box
Matching accuracy with DeepMatch

High matching accuracy

with aiMatch
More accurate forecasting with DeepCast

20% more accurate

forecasting with aiCast
More accurate forecasting with DeepCast

30% cost reduction

with aiPlan

What Teams Love About Ikigai

Vice President @ Spirit
on aiCast
Our goal is to have as accurate a forecast as possible… which is why we love working with Ikigai’s aiCast. It was producing results better than our existing ML solution out of the box.
Supply Chain Strategist @ Quiet
on aiPlan
We were skeptical until we fed our real data into Ikigai’s aiCast and aiPlan. The results are too good to ignore.
Head of Architecture @ HSBC
on aiCast
I can’t believe how fast Ikigai’s model was learning with human in the loop. Going in I didn’t think this was possible.
Quality Assurance Leader @ Medica
on aiMatch
I can’t believe how effective aiMatch was at picking up claims issues that we would otherwise have to do manually.
Director Data Scientist @ KPMG
on aiPlan
We’re blown away. Ikigai made scaling models to large data and deployment so easy…we were able to quickly deploy and iterate on our AI app using just one platform
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