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Here are templates for some of the most commonly utilized use cases. Is your use case not listed? Reach out and we'll help you build it!

Inventory Ops

Automate inventory tracking and monitoring by creating a single, real-time view of inventory across all locations and channels, even down to the component level.

Extract and combine data from your ERP, vendors, 3PL portals, and multiple sales channels to easily track your true margins and COGs on each SKU, identifying possible gaps and check whether you are taking a loss on a product. Automatically ingest purchase orders, bills of materials, and even invoice PDFs to power your entire workflow.

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Demand Forecasting

Prevent stock-outs and automatically generate purchase orders for your next production run before you realize you need them.

Improve forecast accuracy, manage demand fluctuations, and adjust strategy in real-time. Connect directly to your inventory and sales data across all channels, build dynamic forecasting models using one-click-AI, and conduct what-if analysis (on lead times, velocity, weeks out, and more) to make intelligent business decisions.

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Financial Reconciliation

Automate your reconciliations involving messy data across disparate systems

Connect to and reconcile data from your ERP, invoices, bank statements, and more. Use AI to identify exceptions and build human-in-the-loop workflows to process them before writing reconciled data back to your ERP.

Reduce time invested into Excel manually reconciling statements and reports while eliminating human errors.

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