What makes Ikigai different

Transaction-level Detail

Forecast and plan at an SKU level, category, channel, location - the possibilities are endless

Unified Data from Any Sources

Automatically reconcile and unify 60% more of AP and AR entries for a faster, more thorough analysis with the unique DeepMatchTM technique

Zero Missed Opportunities

When planning your AR and AP transactions to optimize working capital deployment, consider what-if scenarios at the click of a button

Streamlined Cash Management

Leverage Reinforcement Learning algorithms to optimize cash through effective AR, AP, and inventory management

We've worked with the best

We proudly share this list of the companies that trusted us and opted for business transformation with our product.


Example reports

Days of sales outstanding

Get a visual representation of the average days of sales outstanding, trendline to the top right, with the average of the averages displayed as a big number-DSO- to the top left. Summary below provides the number and dollar value of matches and exceptions approved.

Inventory to Sales Optimization Dashboard

Chose between different scenarios in real time, depending on your inventory strategy. The optimal Inventory to Sales curve leverages cutting-edge AI forecasting techniques and gives you the flexibility to optimize for cash on hand and minimize missed sales.

Automated Purchase Order

Never run out of stock with Ikigai's proactive PO recommendations and automated actions. Depending on the desired inventory levels, Ikigai will alert you if any of the SKUs need to be re-ordered, and even generate and send the PO for you.

What people are saying

“We chose Ikigai among other tools for its unique abilities to handle very complex data matching and to provide insights that are actionable and granular to a specific transaction, which is one of the things that enables Yojak to stay lean and competitive as we continue to grow operations.”

Sudarshan Jain, Director of Finance at Yojak

Jaida Barton

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Ikigai offers competitive and flexible pricing packages for businesses of all sizes. Please contact our team for more details.

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Ikigai offers competitive and flexible pricing packages for businesses of all sizes. Please contact our team for more details.

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