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Welcome to Ikigai Academy. Experience hands-on learning in no-code data science and get certified in creating data apps to advance your career

Leverage Ikigai’s certification as a competitive advantage in your career. Show your proficiency in Ikigai Basics and Advanced No-Code AI Skills to earn respective certificates.

  • Taught by MIT faculty and industry experts
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What you will learn

Ikigai Basics

Data cleaning with aiMatch

Time-series forecasting with aiCast

Scenario analysis with aiiPlan

Creating AI data apps

Solve real use cases with
advanced AI techniques

Become Ikigai-fluent

Ikigai has a user-friendly UI and is developed for business users with no coding or data science background. In this part of the training, you’ll go over Ikigai’s fundamental concepts and navigation within the app.

Learn to clean and prepare your data

Using machine learning and data science techniques starts with the ground truth. This first part of the training will teach you to stitch your datasets together using aiMatch, Ikigai’s no-code AI capability that is more effective than fuzzy logic and more efficient than neural networks.

Use advanced algorithms to make predictions

In this part of the training, you will learn how to infuse no-code machine learning algorithms into data analysis. By using a simple drag-and-drop tool, you’ll be able to run advanced models, like ARIMA or Prophet, as well as Ikigai’s proprietary aiCast.

From predictions to planning

In this part of the training, you’ll go beyond predictions and will apply advanced what-if analysis techniques to solve a policy simulation problem. You will use the forecasts you built in the previous module to run scenario analysis with aiPlan.

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How it works

Become a citizen data scientist using Ikigai’s no-code AI tool and through self-paced courses. The courses are also great for Ikigai users to learn the ins and outs of the platform to create AI data apps. Here's how it works:

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