Turn uncertainty into AI-driven opportunities

Unlock business opportunities and efficiencies with Ikigai-powered demand forecasting, sensing, and what-if scenario planning.

  • Predict future trends with historical data and real-time factors
  • Significantly improve data accuracy, forecasts, and plans
  • Evaluate plans based on any business constraints
  • Enhance AI models with eXpert-in-the-loop

Better business outcomes require 
more accurate demand forecasts

Optimize inventory
Keep adequate stock on hand with AI-powered forecasting to ensure efficiency across your end-to-end supply chain
Manage risk
Identify anomalies in time-series transactions - such as orders, shipments, and invoices - for process improvement, compliance, and customer satisfaction
Reduce costs
Align supply, budgets, and people with customer demand to gain efficiencies and lower costs
Improve planning
Proactively evaluate tradeoffs for best business outcomes while adapting to changing business constraints and market scenarios

It’s time for a new approach to demand forecasting and planning

Ikigai is an AI platform that specializes in structured and time series data – both internal and external. Leveraging patented Large Graphical Models, it’s designed to work with sparse, inconsistent, and dynamic data – no matter the source – so you can accurately predict and plan for inventory, staffing, promotions, and more.

Create your single source of truth

AI-driven data reconciliation works magic on sparse and messy data, matching disparate data sources, cleansing and synthesizing missing data, resulting in a single source of trusted data to produce accurate forecasts and plans.

Forecast with

Generate accurate demand forecasts, even with limited historical data across customers, products, or suppliers. Enhance your forecasts with external data sources like weather, competitor data, and macroeconomic conditions for more granular planning across products, locations, and channels.

Optimize your business outcomes

Powered by reinforcement learning, aiPlan generates up to 1019 scenarios to find the best plans for your current business constraints across budget, people, supply, and demand.

Improve AI with human expertise

Ikigai keeps your domain experts in the loop, reinforcing the aiMatch, aiCast, and aiPlan models with human intuition and experience for more accurate data reconciliation, forecasting and planning.

Take Ikigai for a spin

Have limited data for your SKUs? Wondering how promotions or weather might impact demand? 
See how Ikigai tackles these challenges and more in this solution walkthrough.
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