Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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How we unlock value from your time series data

We’ve put almost 2 decades of MIT research into unlocking the business value of your enterprise data with our patented Large Graphical Model (LGM) technology. It's time to elevate your decision-making with the most accurate, efficient, and cost-effective generative AI platform for data reconciliation, forecasting, and scenario planning.


See how we're different

A generative AI model that's purpose-built for enterprise data

Unlike common AI models, Ikigai’s patented Large Graphical Model (LGM) uses multidimensional graphs to represent the relationships between sets of random variables such as sales data, inventory levels, budgets, and customer trends. Designed for tabular and time series data, LGMs are highly effective at harmonizing multiple data sources and forecasting critical business trends like revenue, inventory levels, and supply chain performance.

  • Learn generative representation of sparse tabular data
  • Correlate data to create synthetic data
  • Identify anomalies and outliers
  • Generate forecasts on limited data

Infusing AI with domain expertise and human intuition

Ikigai’s unique eXpert-in-the-loop capability seamlessly blends AI and human experience for the ‘X-factor,’ enabling domain experts such as supply and demand planners to train and improve the AI models with industry-specific knowledge and intuition.

  • Easily identify anomalies and points of interest
  • Review, accept, reject or adjust predictions with a few clicks
  • Continuously improve machine learning runtimes
  • Drive more accurate data reconciliation, forecasting, and planning

Explainable AI for decisions you can trust

For AI outputs to be trusted and adopted by business decision-makers, they need to be easily understood and explained. Ikigai incorporates explainability throughout its platform with transparent model metrics, interactive visualizations, and eXpert-in-the-loop feedback.

  • Verify prediction accuracy with confidence intervals
  • Evaluate temporal patterns, trends, and seasonality
  • Understand model results from generated forecasts
  • Overlay external data such as weather and promotions
  • Correlate products with limited history to similar products

Get to know the Ikigai platform

The Ikigai platform is an end-to-end platform that enables business users and data scientists to work seamlessly on one platform, leveraging the power of Large Graphical Models to deliver better business results.
Data sources
Operations data
Customer data
Channel data
Market data
Social data
Core solutions
Industry solutions
Partner solutions
AI Builder
API Toolkit
Connect & reconcile
Plan & act
Large Graphical Models (LGM)
Business outputs
What-if scenarios
Unified data
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Data sources
Ensure you have the most complete, up-to-date, and accurate set of data to base your decisions on. With Ikigai, you can easily connect to any internal or external data source, cleanse and fill in missing data resulting in a single trusted source of data.
Business outputs
Simplify complexity in today's dynamic business world with AI-driven outcomes across a wide range of business use cases, such as data reconciliation, demand forecasting, labor planning, fraud detection, and supply chain optimization.
Pre-built connectors speed time to value and enable you to easily import and export Ikigai business insights to the tools and apps you rely on for your day-to-day planning and operations, such as spreadsheets, BI platforms, ERP systems, and more.
Large Graphical Models
The patented Large Graphical Model (LGM) is purpose-built for tabular and time series data and powers three foundational AI models:  aiMatch for data reconciliation, aiCast for forecasting, and aiPlan for scenario planning.
AI Builder
Quickly prototype business outcomes or build full solutions with Ikigai's low code/no code platform. Leverage drag-and-drop functionality, integrated aiLLM for code generation, custom facets, workflows, and more.
API toolkit
Seamlessly integrate with existing applications, security protocols,  or create your own custom solution with a robust set of APIs that give you controlled access to Ikigai's powerful aiMatch, aiCast, and aiPlan models.
The eXpert-in-the-loop is a key feature of the Ikigai platform, seamlessly integrating your domain experts to approve, reject, or correct AI insights for human-centric model reinforcement training.
AI solutions
Leveraging APIs or the low code/ no code platform, AI builders can easily create end-to-end solutions tailor-made for any horizontal or industry-specific use case, such as demand forecasting, labor planning, or fraud detection.

We deliver measurable results

more accurate forecasting with aiCast
cost reduction with aiPlan
faster time to AI solution deployment
what-if scenarios generated

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