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AI-powered financial reconciliation made simple

Financial reconciliation is typically a time-consuming and error-prone process, which limits the amount of time a financial analyst spends deriving key business insights. With the Ikigai platform, you can speed financial reconciliation by 60% and create AI-powered forecasts and plans across a wide range of financial use cases.

  • Ensure accuracy and consistency across financial records and statements
  • Streamline transactions and invoice management
  • Identify anomalies and discrepancies
  • Improve reporting and compliance
Faster data reconciliation

In the world of finance, everything needs to add up

Errors and discrepancies in financial statements can have serious consequences. With aiCast you can reconcile financial transactions across a wide variety of use cases, for greater accuracy - in a fraction of the time.
Bank reconciliation
Ensure accuracy and consistency across your financial records and statements
AR and AP
Match payments and invoices across customers and vendors
General ledger
Identify errors, misclassifications, and discrepancies across ledgers and source documents
Tax reconciliation
Ensure accurate reporting and compliance with tax regulations

AI-power your financial reconciliation, forecasting, and planning

Learn how aiMatch, aiCast, and aiPlan can automate repetitive financial reconciliation tasks, detect anomalies and discrepancies, and improve your financial strategies with AI-driven forecasting and scenario planning.

Connect internal and external data sources

Whether you're reconciling your general ledger, bank statements, accounts receivables, or tax statements, connecting different data sources can be challenging. Often there are no matching columns, or there's missing or inconsistent data. Ikigai's aiMatch proprietary algorithm analyzes relationships between line items and their properties and infers matches based on all available information.

  • Connect internal and external records
  • Sync data sets that don't have matching columns
  • Improve matching by 40% over fuzzy matching solutions

Automate financial reconciliation

Are you using spreadsheets and fuzzy logic to reconcile internal and external financial records? With aiMatch, you can leverage Large Graphical Model technology to reconcile your financial records with significantly higher accuracy, enabling you to rapidly identify discrepancies, anomalies, and outliers that might indicate administrative errors, fraudulent activities, or high-risk clients.

  • Identify discrepancies due to timing, deposits, invoicing and more
  • Spot anomalies that may indicate fraudulent transactions
  • Quickly assess financial risk for new clients

See the whole picture with AI-powered forecasts

With a single source of trusted financial data, you can now integrate macroeconomic factors to perform highly accurate economic forecasting, risk profiling, and demand forecasting with aiCast. Explore the power of Large Graphical Models to make more holistic data-driven financial decisions.

  • Set more accurate financial targets and budgets
  • Optimize product offerings and pricing
  • Proactively plan for regulatory compliance

Create more informed financial strategies

Need help setting rates and prices for your financial products? Need a business strategy that minimizes risk? aiPlan's what-if scenario planning helps you evaluate different courses of action based on your business constraints so you can make data-driven strategies.

  • React quickly to macroeconomic changes
  • Gain competitive advantage with demand shaping
  • Minimize risk with contingency planning

How Ikigai helps financial planners

Improves data quality
Standardizes data across different formats and sources
Drives consistency
Improves workflows for invoice management and bookkeeping
Eliminates errors
Streamlines how you verify balance sheets, cash flows, and receipts
Speeds time to value
Saves time reconciling records with automated AI-driven reconciliation
Automates manual tasks
Eliminates manual processes prone to human error
Reduces risk
Ensures transparency in every transaction
Simplifies compliance
Meets regulatory requirements for financial reporting
Improves teamwork
Fosters cooperation between teams and financial departments
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