Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Stop fraud in its tracks

Cybercrime is growing increasingly more sophisticated, with significant impact to both revenue and reputation. Banking, financial services, and insurance institutions are particularly vulnerable due to the high number of digital transactions and sensitivity of their client data. Combat fraud with Ikigai’s Large Graphical Models for early threat detection and resolution.

  • Detect unauthorized credit and debit card transactions
  • Identify fraudulent insurance claims
  • Spot identity theft and account takeover attempts
  • Balance risk versus growth for new account and loan applications
Faster alert reconciliation

Don't let cybercriminals get the best of your business

Fraud costs organizations an estimated 5% of their revenue every year. Learn how aiMatch, aiCast, and aiPlan can help detect and prevent cybercrimes early, using sophisticated AI modeling to identify suspicious activity, speed response to alerts, and balance risk with opportunity.

Connect core operations and market data

Improve fraud detection effectiveness with a comprehensive view across relevant financial datasets, such as customer data, financial transactions, authentication information, and public records. Update models with real-time data to enhance early detection and prevention of cybercrimes.

  • Connect historical data with market data and public records
  • Ensure fast response to suspicious activities with real-time data refreshes
  • Sync data sets that don't have matching columns

Predict and prevent risk

Augment traditional rules-based systems with a probabilistic approach that detects patterns in real time, bringing more adaptability and accuracy to your fraud detection strategy.

  • Identify abnormal patterns or behaviors within large datasets
  • Forecast potential fraudulent activities with predictive AI modeling
  • Quickly assess financial risk for new clients

Maximize client and business outcomes

Pick the best outcome balancing risk and growth from up to 1019 factors, including predicted approval rates, loss rates, client acquisition, revenue, and lifetime value.

  • Set contingency plans for potential cyber attacks
  • Ensure rapid response to suspicious behaviors
  • Balance key business drivers, such as growth, risk, and client satisfaction with scenario planning

Improve AI with human expertise

Integrate Ikigai with traditional rules-based systems to filter out the high number of false alerts and let domain experts focus only on legitimate threats. Ikigai incorporates eXpert-in-the-loop for simple, fast resolution, increasing time to value for new customers, loans, and payments.

  • React quickly to market changes
  • Gain competitive advantage with more accurate threat detection and resolution
  • Build trust with alert explainability

Reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction with AI-powered fraud detection

From identity theft and credit card fraud to falsifying documents for insurance and loan qualification, organizations and their clients are feeling the pain of an increasingly sophisticated cybercrime underworld. Leveraging its Large Graphical Model, the Ikigai platform can automate alert identification and resolution, limiting the financial impact of bad actors.
Minimize fraud-related losses
Proactively identify and address suspicious activity to avoid financial impact. Continuously train models to keep up with evolving cyber attack strategies.
Increase analyst productivity
Reduce time-consuming and error-prone tasks associated with data munging, updating traditional rules-based systems, and manually addressing threat alerts.
Reduce false alerts
Improve alert resolution by cutting through the noise and focusing on what matters. Augment your rules-based systems with AI to reduce false positives and speed resolution of legitimate threats.
Improve customer satisfaction
Balance risk with growth using AI-powered scenario planning so you can speed client transactions while ensuring a secure banking experience.
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