Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Ikigai and AWS

Partner with the world’s largest cloud provider and the leaders in GenAI for tabular data

Ikigai brings its patented Large Graphical Models to solve complex data reconciliation, forecasting, and planning challenges for enterprises across all industries. Designed from the start as a cloud native service, Ikigai is able to leverage the size and scale of the AWS platform to meet the needs of world largest companies. With 200+ data connectors, Ikigai integrates with any AWS-based data source, from native AWS services like EC2 to third party offers like Databricks and Snowflake.

Ikigai is available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace.


A cloud native service integrated into the world largest cloud provider

Born on AWS and built for global scale. Ikigai can support the world’s largest companies.
Scale at the speed of cloud
As a native cloud service, Ikigai supports customers of all sizes. Thanks to the power of AWS, Ikigai customers can start small and grow to global scale as soon as they are ready.
Focus on what matters
As a SaaS-based cloud offer, Ikigai customers are able to focus on their business and leave the rest to us.  Ikigai is a security obsessed cloud service, backed by the power and scale of AWS.
Leverage your existing cloud budgets
Available for purchase from AWS Marketplace, Ikigai customers are often able to count their Ikigai spend against their existing AWS spend commitment.
Future proof your business
AWS is the industry leader in the cloud, and Ikigai is creating the LGM-based AI segment. By adopting our Ikigai service on AWS, customers benefit from a best-in-class solution to meet both their current and future business needs.

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