Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Transform your manufacturing value chain with generative AI

Welcome to the world of intelligent manufacturing. From optimizing your supply chain to improving the quality and reliability of your products and services, Ikigai's patented AI models are ushering in a whole new way of doing business. Connect data across all your siloed systems and experience more accurate, timely, and informed forecasts and plans.


Ikigai for manufacturing

Incorporating AI-powered reconciliation, forecasting, and what-if scenario planning into your manufacturing lifecycle allows you to quickly adapt to changing demands and market conditions, fostering agility and competitiveness.
Product lifecycle management
Easily connect and harmonize sales, competitive, and market data with aiMatch to better manage the lifecycle of products – from introduction to end of life.
Supply chain optimization
Streamline your supply chain, reduce leads times and minimize costs with real-time insights. Leverage aiPlan to balance business constraints across budget, supply, and demand.
Materials planning
Optimize product availability while minimizing carrying costs. React quickly to changing market conditions, supplier performance, and supply chain disruptions with aiCast and aiPlan’s predictive analytics.
Labor planning
Predicting future labor demands can be difficult as there is often a lack of historical data on which to base forecasts. aiCast is designed for sparse data, helping you determine where, when, and how many employees are needed to meet demand.

Why Ikigai for manufacturing?

Connects siloed data sources
Unifies data that lives across multiple systems - orders, inventory, suppliers, labor - for connected decision-making
Forecasts demand
Predicts future demand for products based on historical sales data, market trends, and external factors
Increases data quality
Automates data reconciliation with aiMatch and eXpert-in-the-loop for a single source of accurate and trusted data
Ensures explainability
Closes the gap between AI models and business adoption with built-in explainability for better understanding and transparency
Identifies anomalies
Compares real-time inputs with historical manufacturing data to quickly spot anomalies and opportunities for improvement
Optimizes inventory
Analyzes demand patterns, lead times, and supply chain dynamics to reduce excess inventory and minimize stockouts
Streamlines scheduling
Harmonizes data across multiple sources, such as resource availability, SLAs, and line capacity, to improve production efficiency
Seamlessly scales
Eliminates downtime and performance impacts with AI architecture that scales as your data expands

Power your business with AI today.

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