Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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The right path to your business goals

Like driving to a new destination - you know where you want to end up, but you might not know the best path to get you there. Using Ikigai's patented Large Graphical Model, aiPlan evaluates up to 1019 scenarios and helps you select the optimal plan based on your business goals and constraints.


The only thing better than a good plan is an AI-powered plan

Be ready with your Plan B
Identify and assess potential risks across a broad range of scenarios so you can develop mitigation strategies and reduce the impact of the unexpected.
Capitalize on complexity
Turn your multi-dimensional enterprise data into gold by leveraging Large Graphical Models to evaluate complex relationships across a multitude of variables and outcomes simultaneously.
Get ahead of the pack
Gain competitive advantage by dynamically adjusting your strategies based on real-time information, market dynamics, and subtle trends that may be overlooked by traditional methods.
Optimize your resources
Need to optimize for cost? Labor? Inventory? AI-based scenario planning helps you identify the most efficient plan under different scenarios and business constraints.

Model risks and opportunities across people, budgets, supply and demand

AI-generated policy recommendations

Powered by reinforcement learning, Ikigai evaluates up to 1019 different what-if scenarios to find the best plan. Simply add your business constraints and desired outcomes and review the possibilities.

Designed for the real world

In the real world, change happens… sometimes on a daily or hourly basis. aiPlan makes it possible to perform complex evaluations in a matter of minutes, equipping you with the data-driven insights to run your operations efficiently and effectively.

Trust through explainability

Gain trust in AI-generated scenario recommendations with built-in explainability to understand seasonality, SKU correlation, model selection, confidence intervals and more.


We work in harmony


“The status quo can’t continue. This is why we're partnering with Ikigai Labs. We are going to drive a seismic shift. Through the utilization of AI technology, we are going to empower organizations to achieve optimal performance while caring for the well-being of their workforce. It’s a quantum leap forward.”
“I can't believe how fast Ikigai's model was learning with human in the loop. Going in I didn't think this was possible.”
Head of Architecture
“Our goal is to have as accurate a forecast as possible... which is why we love working with Ikigai’s aiCast. It produced better results than our existing solution out of the box”.
VP of Supply Chain

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