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Time series forecasting that's game-changing

Producing accurate forecasts with tabular, time series data isn’t easy, especially with spreadsheets and traditional AI methods. Ikigai changes the game with aiCast, a Large Graphical Model that delivers 20%+ more accurate forecasts - even with limited or dynamically changing data.


AI-powered results that improve business adoption

Increase efficiency
Reduce the time and resources required for data analysis and predictions. AI-driven forecasting eliminates the busywork, empowering you to make quicker and more informed decisions that optimize your operations.
React fast to change
The ability to react quickly to market change is a strong competitive advantage. aiCast excels in adapting to dynamic market conditions, quickly adjusting predictions based on emerging trends, changes in demand, or other external factors.
Keep customers happy
It’s a lot less expensive to keep a customer than acquire a new one. With Ikigai, you can better align your supply chain with customer interests and demand, enabling you to meet expectations and foster loyalty.
Reduce risk
Identify potential risks and uncertainties in demand so you can proactively manage inventory, supply chain, and production, and reduce the likelihood of stockouts or overstock situations.

Forecast, sense, collaborate, and optimize for better business performance

Forecasting with limited data

Traditional forecasting methods rely on months, if not years, of historical data for best accuracy. aiCast delivers accurate forecasts with as little as 2 months of data, making it possible to effectively plan for new products, identify new risks, or any number of dynamic real-world business scenarios.

Demand sensing

Dynamically respond to real-time changes in demand patterns with aiCast demand sensing. Analyze external data such as weather, market trends, and social influencers to more accurately predict demand fluctuations and adjust supply chain and inventory management.

Actionable explainability

Build trust in AI-driven forecasts with clear, interpretable results. Empower users to assess the reliability of predictions, identify and correct potential anomalies, and make informed decisions.

Forecast confidence

Compare predicted forecasts with historical data to improve forecast confidence. Integrate eXpert-in-the-loop to adjust for exceptions, such as promotions, supply chain disruptions, or one-time events that might skew model results.

Granular predictions

Being able to predict at any level of detail is critical. Whether you need to visualize your data by store locations, group your products by categories, or forecast at the SKU level, aiCast has you covered.

Improved accuracy

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Have limited data for your SKUs? Wondering how promotions or supply chain disruptions might impact demand? 
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“The status quo can’t continue. This is why we're partnering with Ikigai Labs. We are going to drive a seismic shift. Through the utilization of AI technology, we are going to empower organizations to achieve optimal performance while caring for the well-being of their workforce. It’s a quantum leap forward.”
“I can't believe how fast Ikigai's model was learning with human in the loop. Going in I didn't think this was possible.”
Head of Architecture
“We were skeptical until we fed our real data into Ikigai’s aiCast and aiPlan. The results are too good to ignore.”
Senior Director of Supply Chain
“Our goal is to have as accurate a forecast as possible... which is why we love working with Ikigai’s aiCast. It produced better results than our existing solution out of the box”.
VP of Supply Chain

asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about aiCast. Still need more?  Contact our experts.
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What sets aiCast apart from other forecasting solutions?

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