Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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The fast path to AI solutions

Creating an AI solution for your business users shouldn't require a team of data scientists and several months of lead time. With the Ikigai Builder experience, you can rapidly prototype business outcomes with its simple low code/no code interface or build full horizontal or vertical business solutions with purpose-built API toolkits.


Close the gap between AI models and business adoption

Rapidly prototype results
Want a fast way to show your business users results with Ikigai? Leverage the platform's drag-and-drop functionality to quickly join and prep your data, utilize out-of-the-box facets and flows, and create visualizations.  
Seamlessly integrate
With the API toolkit you can bring Ikigai's Large Graphic Models, aiMatch, aiCast, and aiPlan, into your existing business process applications, allowing you to access the power of LGMs from your own workflows.
Visualize it
Ikigai offers robust visualization capabilities that satisfy use cases from quick prototypes to full end-to-end solutions. Already have a favorite BI tool? No problem. Ikigai outcomes can easily be exported to your tool of choice.
Trust your models
Integrate your domain experts into your AI outcomes with the eXpert-in-the-loop for model reinforcement and more accurate, trusted business outcomes.

Simplify AI solution building

Custom code generation

Want to customize your flows? With embedded Generative AI and Large Language Models, you can automate the creation of integration pipelines using a simple human-like interface to rapidly generate custom code. Edit, save, and share with other apps and builders.

  • Integrated aiLLM model
  • Custom python code generator

Deep data analysis

Just how well do you know your data? Ikigai’s exploratory data analysis (EDA) feature does a deep dive into your source datasets and provides detailed results about the spatial structure of your data, helping you understand the quality and value of your inputs.

  • Correlation heatmaps of categorical values
  • Histograms of related values
  • Statistical numeric and text values
  • Missing values and inconsistent formats

Time series data analysis

Multivariate time series data can be a goldmine for your forecasting and scenario planning, providing insights across multiple dimensions of your business, such as sales, marketing, and people. The challenge comes in sifting through the noise, trends, and gaps that are inherent to time series data to ensure your decisions are well-founded. The Ikigai platform provides data analysis of your temporal data out-of-the box with its EDA capability.

  • Temporal autocorrelation
  • Trends and seasonality
  • Principle component analysis for limited data
  • Noise and outliers
  • Missing values

Custom facets

Custom facets enable you to create unlimited custom functionality in your Ikigai AI solutions. Bring in your own algorithms using custom facets to accelerate solution building or mix and match out-of-the-box facets with custom facets for ultimate flexibility.

  • Secure, owner-controlled facet protection
  • Simplified frontend/backend communication
  • Solution accelerator

Open platform

Easily integrate other open-source models, such as ARIMA and Prophet, within the Ikigai platform to compare results and provide the most accurate forecasts and plans for different use cases.

  • Vendor-agnostic platform
  • Simple integration with common open-source models

Bring AI to anyone (and everyone!)

It’s time to embrace AI. Whether you’re upskilling, reskilling, or just learning for the fun of it,  the Ikigai AI Academy has something for everyone – from business users to data scientists and IT.

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