Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Ikigai for retail

As customer expectations for choice, availability and value become more unpredictable, retail planning and execution must react faster by incorporating relevant data, near real-time data from different sources.

Up your game with data-driven insights that help you understand your customers better, optimize operations, and stay ahead in dynamically changing markets.

Improved Accuracy

Balance retail supply and demand with the power of Ikigai

The Ikigai platform enables a broad range of use cases across the product lifecycle. Talk to our AI experts to see what business outcomes we can unlock with the power of Ikigai.
Inventory management
Optimize inventory levels through better demand forecasting and anomaly detection to reduce stockouts and overstocks. 
Sales forecasting
Predict sales trends to plan promotions, discounts, and store layouts more effectively.  
Demand shaping
Perform dynamic pricing, stock optimization, and seasonal demand prediction. 
Warehouse management
Optimize warehouse operations with more accurate demand forecasting and resource allocation.

Take Ikigai for a spin

Have limited data for your SKUs? Wondering how promotions or weather might impact demand? 
See how Ikigai tackles these challenges and more in this solution walkthrough.
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“We were skeptical until we fed our real data into Ikigai’s aiCast and aiPlan. The results are too good to ignore.”
Senior Director of Supply Chain
“Our goal is to have as accurate a forecast as possible... which is why we love working with Ikigai’s aiCast. It produced better results than our existing solution out of the box”.
VP of Supply Chain

AI-power your forecast today!

Chat with one of our AI experts or request a demo to see how the platform delivers better outcomes for your business.