Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Too much of a good thing?

Get control of all your enterprise and external data for more informed, accurate, and timely business decisions. aiMatch connects and reconciles data from disparate data sources, and fills in missing data, enabling more accurate forecasts and plans – even with limited historical data.


It’s time to reverse the 80-20

Over 80% of business planning is spent in data preparation – primarily in spreadsheets. Now you can AI-power your data reconciliation and focus on your business.
Get the data you need in a couple of clicks
Easily connect to the data sources you depend on – operational data, sales data, market data, and more – with over 200 built-in connectors.
Eliminate tedious data wrangling
Do away with the time-consuming task of data reconciliation and fast-track your decision-making. aiMatch uses AI to harmonize internal and external data sources so you can focus on your business insights.
Create the data you're missing
In the real world of new products, vendors, and promotions, you don’t always have the historical data you need for accurate forecasts. aiMatch fills in the gaps so you can forecast and plan - even with limited data.
AI that thinks like a domain expert
When it comes to AI, exceptions are the norm. aiMatch integrates human intuition and expertise with its eXpert-in-the-loop feature to quickly address anomalies and exceptions for improved data quality.

aiMatch for AI-powered
data reconciliation

200+ data integrations

Provides seamless access to over 200 enterprise and external data connectors for faster time to value. Don’t see what you need? Our customer success team has you covered.

Feature engineering with auto-correlation

Enhances model performance by selecting the most useful variables for the predictive model for both supervised and unsupervised learning.

Data stitching

Ingests datasets as inputs, learns the relationship between columns, and uses similarities between rows to stitch. Continuously improves model confidence for increased data quality.

Scalability and performance

Handles increasing data volumes and user loads with ease leveraging computationally-efficient LGMs and scalable architecture.

Data governance

Provides role-based access controls and permissions to ensure data is used properly. Works with enterprise data to eliminate data leakage and hallucinations.


We work in harmony


“The status quo can’t continue. This is why we're partnering with Ikigai Labs. We are going to drive a seismic shift. Through the utilization of AI technology, we are going to empower organizations to achieve optimal performance while caring for the well-being of their workforce. It’s a quantum leap forward.”
“aiMatch was so effective at picking up claims issues that we would otherwise have to do manually.”
VP of Operations
“I can't believe how fast Ikigai's model was learning with human in the loop. Going in I didn't think this was possible.”
Head of Architecture
“We were skeptical until we fed our real data into Ikigai’s aiCast and aiPlan. The results are too good to ignore.”
Senior Director of Supply Chain
“Our goal is to have as accurate a forecast as possible... which is why we love working with Ikigai’s aiCast. It produced better results than our existing solution out of the box”.
VP of Supply Chain

asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about aiMatch. Still need more?  Contact our experts.
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AI-power your data blending today!

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