Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Bringing AI to everyone

AI is changing the way we work, making it imperative for enterprises to 'AI-enable' workers of all types. It's rapidly becoming everyone's job to embed AI into their workflows and decision-making, driving a need for flexible approaches to solution building across various use cases and levels of expertise.


Find the Ikigai experience that's right for you

Business users

It's difficult to consume model outputs if you're used to spreadsheets, apps or dashboards - which is why there's often low adoption of AI models by business users. The Ikigai platform bridges the gap between AI models and business users by making it simple to configure or work with pre-built AI solutions for your use case on the Ikigai platform.

  • Explore a range of horizontal and industry solutions
  • Use AI outputs in intuitive dashboards or processes
  • Increase ML accuracy with eXpert-in-the-loop
  • Gain transparency of results and recommendations with explainability

Data scientists and developers

The Ikigai platform brings flexibility to your AI solution building by offering a powerful AI developer environment as well as a simple drag-and-drop, low code/no code experience. API toolkits further extend capability towards end-to-end AI solutions. No matter which path you take, you'll gain all the benefits of Ikigai's patented Large Graphical Models with aiMatch for data reconciliation, aiCast for forecasting, and aiPlan for powerful what-if scenario planning.

  • Quickly prototype business solutions with AI Builder
  • Build robust AI solutions using Ikigai's development capabilities, including complete API toolkits
  • Explore reference solutions for faster time-to-value
  • Come up to speed quickly with the Ikigai AI Academy

IT professionals

Every enterprise has a strategic imperative to adopt and integrate AI into their operations. IT leaders play a central role, determining the right architecture, performance, security, and cost. In comparison to traditional AI apps which are resource-intensive and complex to implement, Ikigai is easy-to-deploy and operate, runs on efficient yet powerful Large Graphical Models (LGM), and uses your own enterprise data for maximum accuracy and security.

  • Gain faster time-to-value with simple cloud-based deployment
  • Save IT budget with computationally-efficient LGMs
  • Reduce risk of hallucinations by leveraging data from your enterprise, not the internet
  • Contribute to enterprise sustainability goals with significant reduction in resource usage

Bring AI to anyone (and everyone!)

It’s time to embrace AI. Whether you’re upskilling, reskilling, or just learning for the fun of it,  the Ikigai AI Academy has something for everyone – from business users to data scientists and IT.

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Bring AI to everyone, today.

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