Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Financial services
shouldn't be risky business

As the digital economy expands, financial institutions face massive transaction growth, increasing regulatory controls, and rising incidents – and sophistication - of fraud. AI is no longer a nice-to-have in financial services; it's a must-have.  


Ikigai for financial services

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, you need the right AI technology to stay proactive and competitive. The Ikigai platform enables you to deliver a tailored service to your customers, all while driving profitability and mitigating risk.
Transaction reconciliation
Easily reconcile payment and transaction data to simplify your AR/AP processes. Use aiMatch to intelligently map transactions across different data sources.
Risk management
Streamline customer onboarding, transaction analysis and reconciliation with predictive discrepancy detection and risk assessment using aiMatch.
Fraud detection
Identify anomalies and possible fraudulent activities through real-time monitoring and analysis. Use aiPlan to balance between growth and fraud risk.
Rate optimization
Perform customer and market segmentation, rate and coverage assessment, demand sensitivity analysis and optimization. Find the best balance of budget, demand and risk with aiPlan.

8 reasons to work with Ikigai

Harmonize financial data
Reconcile data across balance sheets, ledgers, cash flow statements, fixed assets and POS
Automate repetitive tasks
Streamline how you verify balance sheets, cash flows, and receipts
Increase data quality
Save time and human errors when reconciling records
Ensure transparency
Integrate domain expertise to address anomalies and improve AI models
Optimize workflows
Improve workflows for invoice management and bookkeeping
Reduce fraud
Leverage anomaly detection to identify and act on suspicious transactions 
Ensure compliance
Meet regulatory requirements for financial reporting
Seamlessly scale
Eliminate downtime or performance impacts with AI architecture that scales as your data expands

Power your financial services with AI

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