Large Graphical Models: A Crystal Ball into your Business’ Future

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There’s value in Large Language Models (LLMs) in just about every organization. However, they are limited in their ability to connect disparate enterprise data sources and generate accurate forecasts and scenario-based plans. Ikigai Labs identified that gap and introduced a new generative AI technology designed for predicting business outcomes leveraging tabular and time series data: Large Graphical Models (LGMs). In this brief whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Why tabular and time series data poses unique challenges
  • What a Large Graphical Model is and how it works
  • How Large Graphical Models differ from Large Language Models
  • The benefits of Large Graphical Models across various industry use cases
  • How Ikigai solves the computational challenges of AI at scale

With Ikigai Labs’ Large Graphical Model technology, including aiMatch for data reconciliation, aiCast for forecasting, and aiPlan for what-if scenario planning, you can now unlock the value within your enterprise data and transform the way your enterprise forecasts and makes key business decisions.

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