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Play Dr. Strange and Make Winning Decisions in Complex Business Applications Every Day

The Time Stone is a myth, but Ikigai is as close as one can get to a tool that helps you forecast the future and uncover all potential scenarios. Business decision-makers need their own Time Stone that is real, effective, and affordable-–enter Ikigai.

Oct 17, 2022
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The number of possible futures Dr. Strange had to wade through in Avengers to find the only path to a happy ending. With 24 superheroes facing off with Thanos, over 14 million unpredictable outcomes could result from this encounter.

The goal was to find one future that minimized trade-offs and ensured the correct number of resources to defeat the Titan. Powered by the Time Stone, Dr. Strange makes the winning decision by finding the most optimal path.

The above problem is similar to complex business problems in today’s dense data-generating world. These dynamic environments are driven by a number of variables that change in unpredictable ways, and making the right decision is only possible with a tool that can sift through all the what-if scenarios to help you choose the right option for a minimum trade-off.

Today’s complex business problems need a tool to simulate the future based on different scenarios.

In short, business decision-makers need their own Time Stone that is real, effective, and affordable-–enter Ikigai.

Dr. Strange had his Time Stone. You have Ikigai.

What is Ikigai? 

Ikigai is a cutting-edge operational BI platform that helps you wield the magic of AI and ML to solve complex business problems.

With the most advanced AI & ML at its core, it helps you make optimal business decisions and discover unseen business opportunities to gain an edge over the competition.

Why Ikigai is the Time Stone you need for your business?

Three features made the Time Stone an instrumental tool in bringing down the Titan:

  • Accuracy:  The Time Stone accurately predicts the future and lays out all possible options to cherry-pick from.
  • Speed: It is amazingly fast. This enabled Dr. Strange to wade through all the potential scenarios in only minutes.
  • Convenience: One need not be a Sorcerer Supreme to wield its power. A Time Stone grants any user the ability to sift through possible futures. It works like a charm anywhere one needs it.

Accuracy X Speed X Convenience = Ikigai 

Data science, AI, and machine learning have spawned a wide range of platforms that enable businesses to obtain actionable business intelligence. There are many platforms that automate AI to forecast the future, yet there is no operational BI platform comparable to Ikigai in terms of accuracy, speed, and convenience. 

Accuracy: Forecast the future like no other BI platform in the market

At the heart of Ikigai are patented Time Series and Reinforcement Learning techniques that provide powerful and accurate data insights.

1. Patented Time Series Forecasting: Predict the future with fewer data at hand 

Our patented time series forecasting methods outperform almost all the conventional forecasting methods to deliver unrivaled accuracy, even with limits at hand. For instance, your team can use Ikigai to forecast on as little as 2-3 weeks of data. In short, Ikigai is powered to deliver the most accurate demand forecasting models across industries. 

2. Reinforcement Learning: See things ahead of time with industry-best accuracy

Reinforcement Learning makes it possible to find the optimal path to meet long-term goals while minimizing tradeoffs. Our Reinforcement Learning model simulates all the potential scenarios conceivable in an unpredictable environment. By helping you see a situation ahead of time, Reinforcement Learning helps make the most optimal decision – as Dr. Strange did with the Time Stone.

Only a select few in the ML industry could adequately channel this superior power of reinforcement learning into business intelligence – Ikigai is one of them. Through our breakthrough Reinforcement Learning techniques, we help you find the most effective and efficient path for success and performance.

You can learn how Ikigai’s RL saved millions for this business by helping them find the best purchasing decision for their goals: https://ikigailabs.medium.com/we-know-how-much-money-you-lost-in-sales-this-year-3d1b1157c94e

Speed: Decision-making at the speed of light 

A conventional business analysis that involves hours of data collection, days of research, and months of analysis is passé. 

Advancements in computational resources have made data analysis quicker than ever. However, even the most advanced tools fail to stitch and clean data quickly, which can take hours or even days. Ikigai stands out from the competition in this regard.

Being a no-code operational platform, Ikigai helps you bypass the need for a dedicated team of analysts and engineers. Data processing is automated, reporting is streamlined, and pre-built solutions are provided to leverage the power of AI/ML effortlessly. 

Our patented aiMatch technology can rapidly stitch even the messiest of data sets to save hours for you and enable decision-making faster than ever.

Convenience: A no-code, plug & play BI platform 

Not every business can completely leverage the magic of AI and ML. Lack of expertise, resources, and investment hinders businesses from gaining value from data. With Ikigai, businesses can derive maximum value from AI/ML without being hampered by expertise requirements or financial barriers.

A serverless architecture underpins our BI platform, which enables teams to scale computational resources effortlessly. By doing so, businesses can eliminate the need for dedicated teams to handle infrastructure maintenance, data engineering, scaling, and capacity planning.

The Time Stone is a myth, but Ikigai is as close as one can get to a tool that helps you forecast the future and uncover all potential scenarios. 

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