aiMatch: AI-powered data preparation and stitching

Stitch even the most disparate datasets in minutes with Ikigai’s patented aiMatch method. It doesn’t require any data pre-processing, improves over time, and learns from humans.

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Your single source of truth

Operational business intelligence and data-driven decision-making start with a single source of truth. However, oftentimes, supply chain and financial data analytics is hindered by the complexity of the data processes, such as:
Too many disconnected data sources (e.g., ERP, e-commerce resources, POS systems)
Data comes in different formats (e.g., PDFs vs tables, tables with different columns)
Data formats change over time (e.g., one number might correspond to different SKUs in different years)
By implementing the latest AI-powered technologies, aiMatch overcomes these issues, transforming your data work into data working for you.
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Yojak improves data reconciliation process by eliminating 80% of the manual work

“We chose Ikigai among other tools for its unique abilities to handle very complex data matching and to provide insights that are actionable and granular to a specific transaction, which is one of the things that enables Yojak to stay lean and competitive as we continue to grow operations.”

Sudarshan Jain, Director of Finance at Yojak

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No need for common columns

aiMatch takes datasets as inputs and learns the relationship between the columns of datasets and then uses similarities between rows to stitch.

Always learning, always improving

The more you use aiMatch, the better it stitches. Over time, it learns to understand the relationships between data even better, which improves model’s confidence, thus, it’s now able to match even more entries.

Augmented by human intelligence

At Ikigai, we believe that exceptions are the norm in machine learning driven solutions. Thus, aiMatch is designed to incorporate corrections with just a few clicks through human-in-the-loop. It then learns these corrections to improve the stitching in the future.

Fastest way to make decisions

aiMatch goes beyond fuzzy matching techniques in many ways.

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It overcomes any kind of typos and formatting inconsistencies
It does not require to have common columns as it looks at the entire dataset, trying to find matching entries.
Just like fuzzy matching, it matches entries when they are not identical, but on top of that, it even does so for asymmetrical entries.

For example, if a payment was processed through several separate transactions or a name is captured in one vs two fields, aiMatch would still associate it with the corresponding purchase order or person.

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