aiPlan: Using Reinforcement learning to drive optimal outcomes

Achieve your business goals by leveraging Ikigai’s patented aiPlan, powered by reinforcement learning AI, that compares up to 1019 possible scenarios and recommends the most optimal ones.

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Start with the goal in mind

Set up the objective you want to achieve – Ikigai will find the most optimal ways to do that. Just like a navigation app for when you’re driving, you set the destination, the app suggests the best routes, from which you choose the one that works for you.

1019 scenarios, assessed in minutes

Powered by reinforcement learning AI, Ikigai runs through up to 1019 different scenarios to find the best plans for your current business constraints. Simply add your constraints and desired outcomes and review the possibilities.

Designed for daily operations

Every day you need to make decisions that have a high impact on your KPIs, however your traditional BI and data tools are not suited for thorough daily assessments. Ikigai makes it possible to perform complex evaluations in a matter of minutes, equipping you with the data-driven insights to run your operations.

Fastest way to make decisions

As opposed to traditional what-if analysis tools that give you a comparison between a few options, Ikigai’s aiPlan evaluates all possibilities, even the ones you haven’t thought of, and resurfaces the ones that are worth your consideration through an intuitive visual dashboard.

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Try now on your data

In this example of the aiPlan, Ikigai outlines trade-offs between cash invested in the inventory and potential missed revenue. Try it in action on your data – or use our sample data to run an experiment. Simply drag and drop the file and get an instant forecast result at an SKU level.

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