aiCast: Forecasting with limited historical data

Increase forecasting accuracy and reduce over/under forecasting by incorporating Ikigai’s aiCast to account for short-term demand fluctuation

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Accurate forecasting helps our customers across industries to achieve impressive results:

A fortune 500 retailer optimized inventory levels to increase cash by 10%
A heavy-duty manufacturer achieved 95% availability of raw materials
A mid-size beverage distributor decreased spillage by 17%

One model fits all sizes of data

Having a large enough dataset is not always an option, not to mention that the ever-changing business environment makes your historical data obsolete faster than before. Ikigai’s forecasting model fits all sizes of datasets. Get an accurate forecast with as little as a few weeks of data.

Any level of granularity

Not all inventory items are created equal, thus, being able to predict at any level of granularity matters. Whether you need to dissect your data by store locations, group your products by categories, or forecast at an SKU level, Ikigai can make it happen with an ease of click.

Forecast with confidence

No forecast, even the most advanced predictive analysis, is perfect, especially in the post-pandemic world. That’s why we added confidence intervals to account for volatility and uncertainty, so that you know your potential forecasting upside and downside.

Less data, higher accuracy

By using the latest research from MIT on multivariate time series, Ikigai’s innovative forecasting model outperforms other state-of-the-art techniques by over 20%

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Try now on your data

Try our model in action on your data – or use our sample data to run an experiment. Simply drag and drop the file and get an instant forecast result at an SKU level.

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