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Excel models won't get you a corner office, but this new tools might
With the growth of data, data analytics is becoming more complex than ever. Read this report to find out how new tools help overcome issues with data preparation issues as well as can help produce deeper and more accurate analysis with no coding or data science knowledge.
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ak chooses Ikigai to maximize its working capital
Managing working capital effectively requires daily data-driven decisions. Learn how Yojak, a fast-growing marketplace, is using Ikigai to increase accuracy of working capital deployment by 60% while reducing processing time from four to a single day.
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Ikigai intelligent demand and order planning solution
Intelligent demand and order planning starts from a clean data pipeline and an accurate demand forecast. Explore how Ikigai enables supply chain leaders to achieve their goals with state-of-the-art solutions for data preparation and SKU-level predictive analytics.
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What’s next for post-pandemic demand planning?
Read this guide for supply chain leaders and learn how you can harness uncertainty and minimize stockouts
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We know how much revenue you lost this year
Ikigai Labs can identify lost sales and help optimize purchasing decisions while minimizing inventory cost. Learn how.
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Operational business intelligence platform
Ikigai enables you to turn actionable insights into insightful actions. Learn how.
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AI for Demand Forecasting
The benefits of using AI for demand forecasting are undeniable. Get the infographic to learn about some of them.
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Supply Chain Forecasting Brochure
Read this brochure to find out how DeepCasting overcomes issues related to the lack of historical data and can help produce more accurate forecasts without data science knowledge.
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