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The State of Data Analytics in Supply Chain Forecasting

We surveyed supply chain operations and technology leaders in retail and manufacturing about their utilization of data for demand forecasting and planning. Specifically, we've surveyed them about the present state and their plans to use AI and machine learning. We welcome you to read the report to learn about:

  1. The current state of forecasting: Making data-driven decisions is not always possible, and throwing more bodies at the problem is not going to solve it
  1. The need for improved forecasting: Inventory cost and more predictability are the goals of better forecasting but pose a significant challenge at a SKU level 
  1. The innovation ahead: Machine learning in demand forecasting and planning is yet to be adopted industry-wide—but the trend continues to grow, especially among industry leaders 

Read this report to benchmark the level of digitalization of your organization’s supply chain and consider some course-corrective suggestions.

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