Executive Roundtable: Bringing AI to the Enterprise

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Watch this engaging panel discussion with industry leaders on the topic of how to effectively bring AI to the enterprise. With the emergence of Large Language Models and ChatGPT specifically, the enterprise timeline for bringing generative AI into their organizations has accelerated, creating urgency in dealing with topics of AI strategy, governance, and education. Paul Marca, VP of Learning and Dean of Ikigai AI Academy, poses a number of questions to our esteemed panel which brings out insightful perspectives that represent the panelist's deep and varied AI backgrounds across academia, entrepreneurship, startups, and investors. Listen in to hear from Kelley Steven-Waiss, Chief Transformation Officer or ServiceNow, Ashu Garg, General Partner of Foundation Capital, Devavrat Shaw, Co-Founder and CEO of Ikigai Labs, and Kamal Ahluwalia, President of Ikigai Labs.

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