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Time Series Forecasting: Why, What, and How

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In an increasingly dynamic business landscape, the ability to forecast and plan is paramount for achieving success. AI has created new possibilities for businesses to leverage their critical time-series data to navigate uncertainty, anticipate trends, and orchestrate strategies with precision, but every approach comes with opportunities and limitations.

In this exclusive Ikigai technical whitepaper, we share why time series forecasting is an essential capability for every enterprise, provide definitions of key terminology and critical capabilities, and compare three AI-driven approaches to time-series forecasting:

  • Existing foundational models
  • Home-grown, or internally built solutions
  • aiCastTM; Ikigai's generative AI application for time-series forecasting

Download this whitepaper to: see how Ikigai’s aiCastTM​ performed in head-to-head tests against open-source models, hosted foundational models, and Google’s recently released TimesFM; learn about critical capabilities for time-series forecasting; and explore how Ikigai’s “Embedded AI” approach can help organizations maximize performance and accuracy with higher data integrity and cost-efficiency.

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