Ikigai Labs’ Generative AI Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace
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Limitless innovation in partnership with Ikigai

Welcome to the Ikigai AI Partner Program. Together we help you learn quickly, scale rapidly, and stay at the forefront of AI innovation. A partnership with Ikigai will unlock limitless innovation while driving business transformation for customers around the world.


Discover how we can work together to achieve more

Identify and assess opportunities across a broad range of scenarios ensuring your company is at the forefront of AI tools and learning.
Solve Complex Business Problems
Ikigai’s patented AI tools and platform solve complex business problems in ways no other solution in market can address.
Let us help you solve your customers' toughest problems with less time and effort.
Expand Your Reach
Most AI companies focus on LLM based tools only, which limits their ability to address all of their customers' business needs.  In partnering with Ikigai you can leverage the power of Large Graphical Models to grow your market opportunities.
Grow at the speed of AI
The AI industry is the fastest growing technology sector. Partnering with Ikigai allows you to unlock new business opportunities faster and more cost effectively with an end-to-end domain-agnostic AI platform designed for tabular and time series data.
Learn AI from Industry Experts
Gain access to Ikigai AI Academy and learn from some of the leading minds in the AI Industry. With roots at MIT and Stanford, the Academy delivers Al education for executives, business users, and data scientists.

Aligned to the Global Leaders in Technology

Partnering with global leaders in AI and business technology to accelerate AI-powered solutions

Multi-Cloud Solution

Offering flexibility in cloud deployment, the Ikigai platform is available as a native cloud service on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Ikigai is available for purchase from the AWS Marketplace today and is coming soon to the Azure Marketplace.

Available in the SAP Cloud Store

Ikigai has a dynamic and growing partnership with SAP with continued integration into SAP’s Industry leading ERP solutions.  

Ikigai is available for purchase in the SAP Store today.


Let's build something great together

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