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Over 160+
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Reduction in data prep with
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7X faster data-driven operations

“We chose Ikigai among other tools for its unique abilities to handle very complex data matching and to provide insights that are actionable and granular to a specific transaction, which is one of the things that enables Yojak to stay lean and competitive as we continue to grow operations.”

Sudarshan Jain, Director of Finance at Yojak

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What Makes Ikigai Unique?

The platform has all the necessary tools for successful monitoring and management of various business operations. Explore the full range of Ikigai capabilities.

Inventory Operations

Monitor all your inventory in one place. It’s time to stop logging into multiple websites and handling different SKUs across channels.

Finance Operations

Monitor all your inventory in one place. It’s time to stop logging into multiple websites and handling different SKUs across channels.

Marketing Operations

Monitor all your inventory in one place. It’s time to stop logging into multiple websites and handling different SKUs across channels.

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Pricing plans

$75 /month

The Plus pricing plan is great for small-sized businesses that are just starting to explore workflow automation.

Get Started
Up to 10 charts
Up to 5 connectors
Platform Automation, Flows, Scheduling included
per license

Choose the Advance pricing plan if the golden mean is what you are looking for.

Get Started
Up to 25 charts
Up to 10 connectors
Platform Automation, Flows, Scheduling included
per license
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Endless opportunities with the Enterprise pricing plan. Take everything from workflow automation.

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Additional charts
Additional connectors
Additional licenses
Custom end-to-end build

Why Ikigai

Operational analytics requires an operational BI platform
Unlike traditional BI tools that provide insights for a longer-term strategy, operational BI needs to drive immediate actions, and therefore requires a different approach to data analytics:

Automatic data sync for real-time insights

Interactive dashboards with recommendations for the next steps

Cloud-native platform to streamline collaboration

Intuitive low-code UI accessible for both data and operations professionals

What makes Ikigai unique

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Stitching & Preparation
  • Data Analytics
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Visualization
  • What-if Analysis
  • Automation

Traditional Data Analytics Tools

  • SQL skills required
  • JOINS and fuzzy logic
  • Backward-looking
  • Some coding required
  • Open-source algorithms
  • Static dashboards
  • Requires manual development of each scenario to compare
  • Requires integration with RPA

Ikigai, end-to-end AI-powered data platform

  • Drag-and-drop connectors
  • JOINS and fuzzy logic amplified by DeepMatch
  • Both backward and forward-looking
  • No-code
  • Open-source algorithms plus DeepCast
  • Interactive apps
  • DeepPlan automatically simulates up to 10^19 scenarios for any number of constraints
  • RPA Included
Long-Term / Strategic
Make Data-
BI Tools
Operational Intelligence
Day-to-day / Mission-Critical
Dynamic Flow
of Data
Take Immediate Data-Driven Actions
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When capabilities such as data prep, AI-powered advanced analytics, human-in-the loop dashboards, and automation are orchestrated together under a single platform, even the hardest operational problems become easy to navigate

Connect to any data sources in no time

Upload your structured or unstructured datasets, including PDF documents, or sync your data through one of 160+ pre-built connectors.
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Rapidly stitch even the messiest datasets

Prepare your data for analysis in no time. Join datasets together, deduplicate entries, and use DeepMatch to stitch multiple datasets when there’s no common entities or uniform formatting.
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Interact with your data, at every step of data pipeline

Inject custom Python code on top of traditional data wrangling and preparation features and instantly browse and interact with even extremely large datasets with “peeking” to adapt data to any task requirements
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Automate data processing

Schedule data pipelines and automated data workflows to streamline reporting and sending updates to all downstream systems.
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Build custom SaaS apps

Bring together your data workflow and visualization to create custom interactive dashboards for your organization with Ikigai’s low-code approach, out-of-the box facets and autoML.
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Leverage pre-built solutions

No time for building your custom apps? Leverage Ikigai pre-built solutions for some of the most complex operations problems, such as inventory management, demand forecasting, or re-ordering.
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Go beyond visualization - operationalize your insights

Easily drag and drop charts, tables, forms, and more. Trigger data-driven actions and operationalize your data with a human-in-the-loop AI.
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Collaborate in the cloud

Manage all of your projects and data assets in the cloud. Easily share and seamlessly work with your teammates.
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Enterprise ready

Manage permissions and access controls. Rest assured that your apps comply with the highest security and compliance standards, such as HIPAA.
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Excel models won’t get you a corner office (but these new tools might)

Download the guide to learn how operational BI helps data analysts streamline data preparation and drive actions, supported by real-time insights. 

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