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Ikigai - DeepCast Inventory Scheduling with Demand Model - Pablos lightsaber store

What Teams Love About Ikigai

Anyone can be a ML expert

Use our Foundational Models

Ikigai provides large graphical models (DeepMatch, DeepCast, DeepPlan) that provide power compute abilities even more powerful than neural nets, out of the box with no code
Scenario analysis and recommendation using reinforcement learning to drive optimal outcomes
Automated ML forecasting with limited historical data
AI powered data stitching
and prepping

One-Click Connect

Connect (in and out) to hundreds of data sources at scale within clicks
Google Sheets in IkigailabsMySQL and IkigaiLabsAWS and IkigaiLabsExcel and IkigaiLabsPDF and IkigaiLabsmongoDB and IkigaiLabsFTP and IkigaiLabsAirtable and IkigaiLabsMariaDB and IkigaiLabsSnowflake and IkigaiLabsPlaid and IkigaiLabsBox and IkigaiLabsAir and IkigaiLabsLinkedIn and IkigaiLabsSAP and IkigaiLabsBing Ads and IkigaiLabsFacebook Ads and IkigaiLabsDropbox and IkigailabsIkigailabs and GoogleCloud
No Code Building

No Code Building

  • Unstructured Data
    Extract information from unstructured data (PDFs, etc.)
  • AI App
    Build user-friendly web app interface for interaction, collaboration via drag-n-drop
  • Intuitive, Collaborative viz.
    Intuitive interface for interactive visualization at scale, no need for SQLs or LookerML
Operationalize and Scale

Operationalize and Scale

  • Expert in the loop (EiTL)
    Model improvement and incremental model updates Scenario analysis through simulations using historical data
  • Process Automation
    Automation, alerts, scheduling and integration with ecosystem
  • MLOps, ML Observability
    Available out of the box, no extra design, tooling or engineering required


  • Data, Versioning, Control
    Collaborate easily with data governance, access management, and version control
  • Marketplace
    Purchase or share apps and facets on the marketplace
  • Custom Facets & Connectors
    Easily save your scripts to create your own facets and connectors

Integrate with your entire stack

Ikigai provides out of the box integrations which make it easy to work with all sorts of tools that are already part of your workflows.
Ikigai allows you to hook into your own
APIs and create APIs for your own data
stack to integrate seamlessly with Ikigai
Ikigai can sit on top of your existing RPA systems such as UIPath and others to allow seamless integration without interrupting your workflows
Data Sources & Sinks
Ikigai has 200+ connectors which allow you to plug into almost any data source you can think of
Email & Slack
Need automated updates from your ML pipeline - to alert customers, internal stakeholders, etc? No problem at all.
Web Integrations
Want to push your ML pipeline to a website or dashboard. Integrate directly with Ikigai’s web integrations
Want to push your ML pipeline to a website or dashboard. Integrate directly with Ikigai’s web integrations

Enterprise ready

Ikigai is enterprise ready with the
following super secure stuff.
  • Data Governance
  • Teams
  • HIPPA & SOC 2
  • Availability across hyperscalers
  • Deploy in your own cloud
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